About Us


Between 1990 and 2010, Indonesia lost 20% of its natural forests, and deforestation continues to this day. The impact is felt not only in irrevocable loss of biodiversity and contribution to climate change, but also by the more than 25,000 villages located in and around Indonesia’s forests. Based on the report released by Oxfam Novib, there are 7,000 active land conflicts, largely related to private sector development. Unfortunately, there are very few Social Specialists with the skills necessary to resolve these conflicts.


  • CSE Indonesia considers that it is highly important to respond these urgent conditions through facilitating the birth of Social Specialists with the capacity and capability to transform and facilitate the problem-solving of natural sources management conflict, with respect to indigenous and local rights to natural resources
  • CSE Indonesia will directly address these challenges by providing capacity building for civil society, NGO, government, academics, mass organizations, fresh graduates and even private institutions. By doing so, CSE supports the building of a network of trained Social Specialists to help resolve conflicts and create partnerships among companies, communities, and other groups of people to protect and manage natural resources in Indonesia.

About CSE Indonesia

  • CSE is TFT’s initiative to facilitate the learning and provide resources for capacity improvement of stakeholders involved in the management of natural resources
  • The capacity improvement conducted and supported by CSE focuses on the management of social aspects within the context of natural resources management in Indonesia. In this context, CSE will fully supports the possibility to implement systems of responsible social resource management at every level of the supply chain.
  • With various strategies, CSE will supply natural resources stakeholders with knowledge, skills and awareness to ensure collaborative action and partnership among them. By doing so, CSE will implement the sustainable natural resources management system.



  • CSE Indonesia seeks to be a nationally-acclaimed leading institution providing education and capacity building in the field of Responsible Management of social resources in Indonesia.


  • Producing innovative solutions for the complexity of managing Indonesia's natural resources.
  • Providing and engaging in various initiatives in terms of social capacity-building in the management of natural resources in Indonesia.
  • Building collaboration and networks with the stakeholders in designing and developing a curriculum, educational methodology and innovative training
  • Building a Knowledge Management System embracing the issues, priorities and strategies regarding the management of the social resources.
  • Promoting Responsible Management of social resources in the forms of publication, research and outreach programs.

Envisioning The Change

  • Facilitating the birth of Social Specialists who are capable of promoting transformation toward social justice.
  • Increasing the capacity, knowledge and perspectives of the stakeholder related to the issues and challenges of natural and social resource management in Indonesia.
  • Increasing the commitment and pledge of the stakeholders in supporting accountable management of natural anda social resources.
  • Increasing the confidence and active collaboration of the stakeholders in management and problem-solving based on the principles of peaceful collaboration, fair dialogue and non-violence.
  • Increasing the collaborative engagements of the stakeholders of the natural resources in initiating and managing social justice-based activities.
  • Introducing and spreading the values and models of transformation of the Earthworm Foundation VT-TV (Value – transparency – transformation – Verification) into responsible business practices and natural resources management.



  • CSE periodically holds training events that focus on providing natural resource stakeholders with the knowledge and abilities to dealing with emerging social issues and consequences of the utilization and management of the natural resources. The training events will consist of short-term training (days) and intensive long-term training (months).

Campaign and Publication

  • CSE also actively participates in promoting the importance of continued responsible management of natural resources using every possible media such as books, social media, public advertisement and many other audio visual media.


  • CSE is building a network with many other institutions to achieve long-term targets such as the realization of formal education which provides Master and Doctorate programs.

Study and Research

  • CSE initiates various kinds of studies and research with the aims of knowledge- finding, creative innovation and alternative solutions in order to support the realization of the continued management of natural resources. Furthermore, CSE also documents of the results of studies and research in the way that can be accessed publicly.