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CSE Indonesia – Impact Study


Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) Indonesia is an ongoing educational unique initiative of Earthworm Foundation focused on cultivating skills and capacities of social practitioners in natural resource management in Indonesia. CSE trains individuals from diverse regions and professional backgrounds, including companies, government, communities, civil society organizations, and academia, preparing them to create an enabling environment for social harmony and realized human rights in places where natural resource or agricultural development takes place.

The CSE program seeks to support the development the knowledge, skills, and positive attitude needed to transform the way land-based business is undertaken in Indonesia by turning confrontation into collaboration and problems into solutions.  Since its establishment in 2015, CSE Indonesia has trained 174 alumni who have come from diverse sectors and institutions, including companies, civil society organizations (CSO), communities, government, universities and research organizations.  CSE Indonesia has carried out the following courses:

  • Seven Collaborative Learning Courses for social practitioners in responsible natural resource management (each lasting 10 days). CSE collaborative learning courses are focused on transforming the mindset of participants and emphasize collaboration in addressing the social aspects of natural resource management.
  • One School for Social Specialists (S3) in responsible natural resource management (lasting two months). The School for Social Specialists focuses on building knowledge and skills through in-classroom trainings and field studies.

The proposed Impact Study is a rapid assessment of an ongoing initiative that will measure, describe and analyze the results of CSE Indonesia over the past four years and provide lessons and recommendations for its improvement.  This evaluation is expected to provide valuable inputs to the management of the program.  The Study will document the program’s successes and limitations, identify opportunities for improvement and inform the design and implementation of the CSE program and thus improve its effectiveness as a strategy for transformation.


The objectives of CSE impact study are:

  • To understand the behavioral changes of CSE alumni in applying their competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) acquired at CSE in their daily work/activities.
  • To understand and document the effectiveness and the efficiency of the CSE program in producing improved social management and impacts in the field.
  • To identify and document the types and extent of impact that CSE alumni have created within their organization, institution, company, or community.
  • To generate lessons learned and best practices from the field where CSE alumni apply their competencies (knowledge, skill, and attitude).
  • To identify opportunities and recommendations for improving the effectiveness and positive impacts of CSE in the future.



Impact Study (presented in English and Bahasa) in print and digital versions that includes:

  1. Context
  2. Methodology
  • Findings & Analysis
    1. Types and extent of impacts
    2. Estimates of direct and indirect impacts (qualitative and quantitative)
  1. Case study examples of alumni impact
  2. Conclusions and Recommendations
  3. High quality digital photographs of field sites and interviewees (when possible).

Survey responses and data

  1. Original print or digital copies of all survey responses (in Bahasa). A 50% minimum survey response rate for completed surveys is required.
  2. Digital copies of tabulated survey data
  • Feedback and recommendations on the alumni survey and future monitoring of alumni.



The consultant will propose a mixed methodology for the study.  It should include – but is not limited to – a desk review, meetings and interviews with key stakeholders, field visits, and the application of Earthworm’s existing alumni survey questions to all CSE Indonesia alumni.  The consultant will coordinate with EF staff on communications with alumni and survey dissemination in order to ensure greater response levels and replicability.


CSE Impact Study Consultant

CSE will hire a consultant (or consultant team) to conduct the study.  The consultant (or team) should meet the following criteria:

  1. Resident(s) of Indonesia;
  2. At least 5 years of experience and proven track record of carrying out evaluations of educational and/or training/capacity building projects and programs;
  3. Academic and practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods, evaluation design and implementation;
  4. Has strong understanding on social and environmental issues on responsible natural resource management in Indonesia is highly desired;
  5. Existing knowledge of relevant studies and program experiences related to training and professional development in the fields of conservation, social responsibility, and natural resource management;
  6. Extensive experience in multiple regions of Indonesia;
  7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills both Bahasa and English.


Scope of Work

The consultant(s) will propose a work plan (20 working days) for approval from EF which includes the schedule, approach, and methods for:

  1. Collecting data, including the dissemination of the alumni survey, interviews and field visits;
  2. Collaboration with EF staff on communications with alumni and their institutions of affiliation (e.g. employers), and periodic check-ins with EF staff to monitor and report progress;
  3. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of collected data;
  4. The presentation of draft and final reports and survey responses and data.


How to Apply for Consultant’s Position

Send the letter of interest and propose daily rate by attaching CV/experience showcasing related experience, and study proposal design (objectives, approaches, methods, schedule) to before 28th March, 2019.

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

For further information, please contact: Lela (081228981612) or send an e-mail to